Wealth. Apathy. Estate Planning.

This is probably a scenario you have come across before: a couple put off planning their estate when their children were young, thinking there would be lot of time later on. The couple is now nearing their twilight years and still have nothing in writing. This is apparently common for many couples: wealthy or not, planning for one’s estate is a process many put off . If you have (or feel) that you have nothing in the way off assets,  why bother going through (what is purportedly a long-drawn out process of estate planning) if you have little in your name? Even the very words, estate planning, sounds complex, nebulous, almost mysterious. Much like creating a Last Will and Testament, wealthy people are also put off from the process.. There is a mistaken belief that there will always be enough money to cover the estate, taxes, etc., without having to properly plan for it. Does wealth keep you from planning for your estate.

Agricultural conservation easements: If you want to ensure that your farm is preserved for future generations, you may want to consider setting up an agricultural conservation easement. This is a legal agreement that allows you to protect the farm’s natural resources and preserve its agricultural use. If you have a farm business, you’ll need to consider how it will be managed and operated after you’re gone. A business succession plan can help you to ensure that the business continues to thrive and meet the needs of its customers.

It’s important for wealthy individuals to remember that estate planning is an important way to protect their assets and ensure that they are distributed according to their wishes. It can also help to minimize taxes and other costs, which can be especially important for wealthy individuals. If you’re a wealthy individual and you’ve been procrastinating, it’s important to take action and get started as soon as possible.