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The FormalWill Executor ServicesTM Program provides affordable consulting services to individuals and families who need assistance with the probate and estate administration process. Typically, once someone is deceased, there are various steps that need to be undertaken to properly administer the estate. An Executor has certain important obligations towards the beneficiaries of the Estate and must carry out his/her duties in an appropriate manner. Often Executors find the paperwork and process to be overwhelming, complex and time consuming. FormalWill Executor ServicesTM helps in simplifying the process and carrying out much of the work on your behalf.

What is Probate?

Once a person dies, “Probate” refers to the process in which a Will is certified by a Court and accepted as a valid legal document.

Obtaining the grant of probate is the first step in the legal process of administering the estate of a person. Certification by the Court also officially recognizes the person appointed in the Will (the “Executor”) as having the authority to carry out the administration of the Will. Even though an Executor’s legal authority derives from a Will, sometimes government agencies, financial institutions, and others requires the Will to go through the Probate process before they will start transferring assets as per the Executor’s directions.


FormalWill Executor ServicesTM can assist you every step of the way in fulfilling your duties as an Executor. Some of the ways in which we help streamline your work include:

  • Locating and assembling information
  • Understanding and putting together documentation
  • Assist you with preparing letters/forms to notify various required government entities, financial institutions and others about the death of the person who made the Will
  • Establishing Executor authority
  • Managing assets and liabilities
  • Preparing statements and reporting
  • Engaging our network of experienced estate professionals such as lawyers, accountants, real estate agents as needed for legal advice, probate filing, accounting, tax returns and real estate services
  • Assisting with real estate services such as maintaining or selling property
  • Assisting you with obtaining valuations of assets such as jewellery, antiques, and other items

The Process

Working with FormalWill Executor ServicesTM  starts with a phone call or email. From there, we will go over your situation to ascertain if our services would be right for you. If you agree, we then develop a tailored plan help you complete your duties as an Executor.

We have streamlined the process of carrying out the tasks associated with being an Executor to assist you through this difficult time. We also are able to obtain excellent pricing for legal and accounting services for you through our network. Let our experience help guide you to make this process easier and efficient for you.

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