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FormalWill.ca, a leader in online Legal Wills and Estate Planning in Canada, is operated by FormalWill Inc. – a federally incorporated Canadian corporation. FormalWill.ca was founded by a Canadian lawyer as a create-your-own Legal Will site that caters to those wishing to create an inexpensive legally-binding Canadian Will in minutes from the comfort of their own home or office. Our Legal Wills are custom tailored to each province and territory in Canada and we have served thousands of satisfied customers across Canada. You can try us out by registering (it’s easy, it takes seconds and all you need is an email address).

Creating a Legal Will is an Absolute necessity if you:

  • are married
  • have minor children
  • are elderly
  • would like to ensure that your assets are left to the right beneficiaries (heirs)
Dying without a formal Will can place an unnecessary burden on your loved ones. Your children and loved ones will have to deal with a complicated and expensive situation, and potentially spend years fighting over your estate. Spare your loved ones this hassle by starting your Will today. Many people want to create their own Will but the task appears daunting. FormalWill.ca’s easy-to-use technology guides you through some important questions, processes your answers, and instantly produces your Will. All without the time and cost associated with consulting a lawyer. We also offer Power of Attorney documents (dealing with your financial affairs) and Living Wills (also referred to in various provinces as a Power of Attorney for Personal Care, Health Care Directive, Personal Directive, Mandate in Case of Incapacity). These documents are instantly produced by our system and custom-tailored to your province/territory. Simple And Effective: Our sophisticated user-friendly technology allows you to customize your very own Legal Will, Power of Attorney, or Living Will without any hidden fees or extra paperwork. No Waiting: Your customized document is instantly available on-screen and emailed to you within minutes. No need to fill in paper forms or wait for deliveries.