Welcome to our Lawyer Network

Although FormalWill was designed to allow Canadians to create their own legally-binding Estate Documents, if you still feel that you would like to get a bit of legal advice, the FormalWill Lawyer Network allows you to do just that.

Would you like to get a bit of legal advice for your Will, Power of Attorney or Health Care Power of Attorney/Living Will?  The FormalWill Lawyer Network provides you access to legal advice from a licensed lawyer in your province/territory who can answer your questions/concerns, provide you advice, and meet with you to sign and witness your document.  You also receive some bonus items as part of this package as detailed below –  All for one low fixed price.  If the Lawyer Network is available in your province/territory, you will see this option to purchase at checkout.

  • 1 Hour Consultation with a Lawyer to give you legal advice
  • Review of your document by a Lawyer
  • Meeting with a Lawyer to sign your document
  • Free storage of Your Document on FormalWill.ca
  • 2 years of free unlimited access on FormalWill.ca to update your own document
Lawyer Profiles
Jad is a lawyer currently operating in Ontario. He has an affinity for Ontario craft beers and Swedish cars.

Ken is a lawyer currently operating in Ontario. He has been a lawyer since 1981.

Milad is a lawyer currently operating in Ontario. He is a hobbyist photographer and violinist.

Sherrie Jones
Sherrie Jones is a practicing lawyer in Alberta. Her absolute favourite TV show is Breaking Bad, but followed very closely by Better Call Saul. She has watched both series multiple times and can still be found chuckling away to her all-time favourite line "it's all good man".