Pet Will Agreement FAQ
Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions that we receive. Most of your general questions about making a Pet Will™ Agreement through are addressed here. Please read this section carefully before starting your Pet Will™ Agreement.
A Pet Will™ Agreement ensures that your pets are looked after by the appropriate people. In the event of your incapacity or death, you can ensure that your pets are properly taken care of. This Pet Will™ Agreement includes a Limited Power of Attorney. has invested in extensive research and development to create Canada’s first and only national Pet Will™ Agreement.
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Your Pet Will™ Agreement enables you to:
  • Appoint a Pet Guardian of your choosing
  • Set aside care funds for your pet(s)
  • Appoint Alternate Pet Guardians
  • Set instructions regarding the healthcare of your pets
  • Arrange instructions for your pet(s)’ veterinarians, groomer, pet walkers, etc.
  • Financially compensate your Pet Caregivers
  • List any final instructions regarding Euthanasia or the death of your pet(s)
A Pet Will™ Agreement through costs $49. That’s it. No surprises.
After extensive research, developed the first national Pet Will™ Agreement for Canadians.
A Will is an important document that every Canadian should have. A Will includes all of your possessions, but it does not cover what may happen to your pets during your lifetime. Our Pet Will™ Agreement provides comprehensive coverage as to the care of your pet(s), the appointment of your Pet Guardian(s), and your instructions regarding your pet(s). caters to individuals who live in all provinces and territories in Canada and our Pet Guardian documents are customized to be valid in each province or territory. FormalWill Inc. is a national Canadian company that specifically serves the needs of all Canadians.
Simply follow the signing information carefully and your Pet Will™ Agreement is valid and legal.
Upon completion of the questionnaire and payment, your Pet Will™ Agreement document appears instantly on screen with a copy sent to you by email. You do not receive any documents via mail. If, for whatever reason, you do not receive your Pet Will™ Agreement via email, simply log back into your account at, and you can print your Pet Will™ Agreement and instruction letter from there.
No. A Pet Will™ Agreement produced by is valid once you have signed it and does not need to be filed with a court office.
Once you have completed and paid for your Pet Will™ Agreement, you cannot make any changes, unless you have purchased the Peace of Mind Bonus available during the Checkout stage. However, please carefully review all of your answers before paying.