Actress Ruth Ford, The Millionaire Butler

The millionaire butler

We’ve recently published many stories as of late, detailing the extravagant legacies left behind by some rather wealthy people. The deceased have left their mark on the world; donating vast sums of fortunes to charitable institutions, facilities, or to their loved ones.

Does an employee count as a “loved one?”

Indra Tamang is an former butler who inherited a fortune from his now-deceased employer, Ruth Ford. The fortune he inherited is his reward for his years of steadfast loyalty spanning over three decades, working as a cook and a caretaker for his now-deceased employer. Indra now owns an estate worth $8.4 million dollars.

Life for Indra wasn’t always so rosy; he grew up in a mud house within a poor Nepalese village, only striking it lucky after getting a job at a hotel in Kathmandu. It was there he befriended (and perhaps charmed) his way into employment with one of the hotel’s wealthier clients, Charles Ford. Ford was so impressed with the young Tamang that he snatched him away from the hotel to come work for him as his own personal assistant in New York. Working for Ford brought Tamang in close proximity to Charles’ sister, Ruth, and the trio became inseparable, almost like family. Indeed, after Charles died in 2002 Ruth remarked to Tamang that: “I have lost my brother, now you’re my brother.” Tamang immediately began working for Ruth, tending to her every need.

Although relatively unknown today, Ford was a wealthy American actress worth a fortune, but who had a tumultuous relationship with her own daughter, Shelley. The cause of the rift between Ford and her daughter remains unclear to this day.

It was little surprise then, after Ford’s death in 2009 at the age of 98, Tamang inherited all of her estate and assets, amounting to $8.4 million. He inherited her large estate, two luxurious apartments situated in Manhattan, and her Russian art collection. 

Although Scott did successfully sue Tamang for a “modest” settlement, she maintains that she is “very happy” for Tamang and his new-found wealth, and she wishes him the best. Tamang, now in his early 60’s, can look forward to a good retirement, educational prospects for his children and a life unfettered by any financial burden. 

What would you do with an $8.4 million dollar fortune?