Former teacher donates a small fortune

It’s always good news to hear about someone (working an ordinary job) who winds up donating thousands in their Last Will and Testament to their community. That’s a common refrain among lottery winners, that they’ll donate a fortune to their community, but it’s rare to hear this from people who simply work ordinary jobs. How do they amass large fortunes? 

Being frugal helps. 

It’s always assumed that teachers are underpaid despite performing a very important job: molding the minds of the youth. We often hear stories about teachers, who, despite loving their jobs, have to quit out of necessity. (It’s a sad state of affairs when bartending at night can sometimes garner more money than teaching can in certain places). There are also stories on the news about teachers who struggle with more than one job to make ends meet. 

That’s why this story is refreshing: 

 Patricia McCandless taught at Springboro High School for seven years in the 60’s. The school must have left a great impression on her, because she left a whopping fortune to the school after her death in 2018. She got a degree in library science after resigning from her job as a teacher, but she must have loved the place so much. She did, after all, leave behind a fortune of $471,644 (her entire estate), to the school. 

The reason as to why the school left an impression on her may lie in the fact that working there was her first teaching job. You can read more about the fortune she left behind, here.