Strange Wills

What are some of the strangest Wills in recorded history? From Ancient Rome to William Shakespeare, there are some bizarre Last Will and Testaments throughout history. This is not unusual in of itself, given the fact that there have been many famous (eccentric) icons throughout history.

A Last Wil and Testament is obviously very important; the document outlines to whom and where your assets and estate will go when you pass on. Many celebrities, from Amy Winehouse to James Dean, have died intestate (without a Last Will). Here are some “interesting celebrities” who have written some of the most memorable Wills in history: a) Virgil. A renowned poet from 10BC, he wrote a poem (to great acclaim from his friends) as his Last Will and Testament. B) Shakespeare (you know his name). The famous writer bequeathed his wife, Ann Hathaway (just like the actress!) the best (clean and bedbug free) bed – hygiene was at a premium during his time – and (allegedly) left a curse on his grave to deter grave robbers at the time. The words on his epitaph were as follows: “Blest be the man that spares these stones, / And cursed by he that moves my bones.” It taken seriously enough to deter authorities to allow his wife to be buried next to him for nearly a decade. 

Those were only two of the strangest Wills throughout history. Charles Dickens, the famous author, can be added to that list: he wrote that he didn’t want his funeral to be made into a public affair, but alas, he didn’t get his wish when his funeral was made public and into a “national event.”

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