Simon Cowell: the grumpy face of American Idol is worth a fortune

A Last Will and Testament is an important legal document that many don’t think about drafting until they are on their death bid (or just about to take a vacation). A Will is an important document which ensures that your loved ones get access to your estate, assets, etc., when you die. For most of us, that is. Celebrities, who have provided for their loved ones, are taking a different track: they are leaving everything to either charities of their choice, or (weirdly enough) dispensing everything to their pets (like Leona Helmsley or Karl Lagerfeld). Who is going to properly take care of their pets, unless it’s s a loved one doing the care? Lagerfeld left behind $3 million to his cat, and Helmsley left a whopping $12 million-dollar fortune to the care of her dog, Trouble. How long do pets live, and do they need that amount of money to take care of their needs?

Simon Cowell is the recognizable (grumpy) face of American Idol. The dour Brit has a reputation of making potential singers cry on television, and his rudeness is part of the success of American Idol. Cowell is also a record executive but his claim to fame is the show. He’s no different than the other celebrities we’ve mentioned in this regard: he’s leaving his fortune to charity and not to his son, Eric. Simon Cowell is the recognizable (grumpy) face of  the television show “America’s Idol.” Cowell rose to fame as a judge on the syndicated television show and it has no doubt contributed to his large fortune. What does Cowell plan to do with his fortune when passes away? It turns out that Cowell is a huge dog lover. Much like other celebrities, Cowell isn’t leaving his money behind to his children. Instead, Cowell plans to leave behind a whopping $26 million to several dog shelters. You can read more about this here