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Updated: Robin William’s wife and children settled the battle over his estate

Funnyman Robin William’s death by suicide was a huge shock to many who grew up watching Williams in several movies, shows, etc., over the years. 

Robin Williams’ estate battle was a legal dispute that arose after his death in 2014. Williams, a beloved actor and comedian, left behind a sizable estate worth an estimated $100 million, including real estate, investments, and intellectual property rights.

The main issue in the estate battle was how Williams’ assets would be distributed among his heirs. Williams had been married three times and had three adult children from his first two marriages. His third wife, Susan Schneider Williams, was not the mother of any of his children.

Schneider Williams claimed that she was entitled to a significant portion of Williams’ estate, including his Tiburon, California home, which she had shared with him during their marriage. However, Williams’ children argued that they were entitled to the majority of their father’s assets, as outlined in his estate plan.

The dispute was resolved through a private settlement in 2015, which was not publicly disclosed. However, court documents revealed that the settlement allowed Schneider Williams to keep certain assets, including property in California and some of Williams’ personal effects, while the majority of his estate was left to his children.

According to this article, The battle between his wife and three children, Zachary, Zelda and Cody finally came to a resolution in the courts: 

A) William’s wife, Susan Schneider Williams, retains ownership of their home in Tiburon, California
B) William’s children have acquired ownership of William’s memorabilia and awards, along with other (unnamed) items

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The Robin Williams estate battle serves as a reminder of the importance of proper estate planning and the potential complications that can arise in the absence of a clear and comprehensive estate plan.