Prince Andrew is in despair over his inheritance

Prince Andrew, a member of the royal family from the U.K., was left “devastated” after learning that he’s not receiving a penny of his late mother’s inheritance. Queen Elizabeth’s estate, valued at 650 million pounds, is passing directly  into the hands of King Charles. Prince Andrew has bemoaned this state of affairs to his friends, lamenting that he has no money leftover to fund his lifestyle in the manner he is accustomed to.

The Queen passed the money from “monarch” to “monarch” as a “tax efficient” way to transfer her inheritance. A source for the royal family flat out denied any wrongdoing on the part of the royal family: “All of the members of the Royal family have had provisions made for them already.” Additionally, the King has been reportedly taking “cost efficient” measures in an effort to save the Royal Family some funds. This includes stopping payments for Prince Andrew’s annual 249,000 pound allowance, as well as eliminating payments for some of his other expenses. A friend of Andrew’s lamented: “What’s he meant to do? Go cap in hand to his older brother to keep a roof over his head? Things are going from bad to worse. It’s a disaster.” One would think that the Prince would have enough money to survive on his own, given the vast network of resources and connections at his hands.

All of this comes at a time of serious  allegations made against Prince Andrew for sexual assault. That may be why Andrew’s accommodation at Buckingham palace was rescinded. He may even lose access to his current place of residence, Royal Lodge. Living in the Lodge would cost a whopping (annual) 30 million in pounds. Andrew’s other request for an “Indian Healer” (valued at 32,000 pounds) to be paid off, was also rejected by the Royal family. 

It is not only Andrew who is apparently devasted by the news; two of his siblings, Princess Anne, 72, and Prince Edward, 59, are also feeling “resentful” for not inheriting anything. In the U.K., there are many families currently struggling to make ends meet, which is exacerbated due to the rising cost of inflation. Many families have no doubt had to “buckle down” and save as much as possible. Given the vast wealth of resources and connections that these three have at their disposal, can they not do the same? 

Unfortunately, the trio may find very little in the way of sympathy for their “plight” among the U.K. population. You can read more about the inheritance issue, here.