Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney allows you to appoint someone to make financial decisions on your behalf. Our order forms makes it easy for you to appoint an “Attorney” as the person who will be making financial decisions on your behalf should anything happen to you. Read on below to find out what goes into a POA. 

Why You Need a POA

It is commonly believed that a POA is usually created for elderly parents looking to secure their assets/estate and protect themselves from fraud. However, anyone may find themselves in a position whereby he or she can no longer make decisions on their own behalf. Take for instance, an event where you are severely injured in a common car accident. You may slip into a coma and be rendered unable to speak or convey your wishes. As much as we dislike dealing with this possibility, this could happen to ANYONE. That bears the necessity of having a POA.

What Is Included in a Power of Attorney?

Our POA guides you through the process to make a complete and comprehensive document.

A POA includes the following:

  • A clause that revokes/nullifies any previous POA
  • The appointment of a specific “Attorney” who can make decisions about your finances (this includes alternate choices as well)
  • Information about the specific duties your Attorney can carry out
  • If you would prefer to hold any type of liabilities against your Attorney or alternate Attorney choices
  • Restrictions on any of the types of powers you want for your Attorney

Should Everyone Have a POA Document?

Everyone can benefit from having a legal POA, even if they are currently in good health. Things often happen without warning, and people find themselves in positions where they are no longer capable of making choices about their finances. You can use our POA to suit your needs and designate the circumstances under which your chosen Attorney can make decisions on your behalf.

If you do not yet have this important legal document, please review the POA FAQs on our website to see how these documents can benefit you in the future. Our Power of Attorney order form is easy to use, affordable, and able to provide you with unprecedented peace of mind.