Pet ownership during the pandemic – why you need a Pet Will!

A pet Will is a legal document allowing an individual to specify how they want their pets to be cared for after their death. This document allows one to appoint a caregiver for the pet(s) and specify the terms of care, including provisions for feeding, housing, medical treatment, and other needs. It can also provide financial resources to cover the costs.

These types of Wills are typically created as part of an individual’s overall estate plan and are intended to ensure that the individual’s furry friends are provided for in the event of an individual’s death. It is important to carefully consider your furry friend’s needs and to choose a reliable and responsible caregiver to ensure that they are well taken care of. Everyone loves their dogs/cat/birds, etc., but we don’t think about planning for them in the same we do as, for instance, our own children. Why not have a document that protects them in the event of our death? That’s where these legal documents come in. 

Pet ownership in Canada  rose by 40% during the pandemic. 31% of those who adopted pets were first-time pet owners. 3 in 10 Canadians adopted a pet during those trying times.  Have you thought of the reasons as to why you need to plan for your pets if you die or wind up in an accident? Just like having a Last Will, documentation for your pets, planning for your pets to be taken care of, etc., are all important. What questions do you need to consider when you need to do pet planning?  Pet planning is far more thorough and complex than you might think: you need to plan out who your pet guardian(s) are going to be, how much money you need to leave behind for your pets, vet care, medical treatments, etc. You can start with the whole (thorough) process here.