Why do you love your pet?

Humans have a tendency to infantilize their pets; we love our dogs and cats and sometimes refer to ourselves as “fur moms” and “dog moms.” We adore our pets, and sometimes even lavish more love for them then our human family. 

Humans love their pets for a variety of reasons, including the companionship, loyalty, and unconditional love they provide. Pets can also offer a sense of comfort and emotional support, especially during times of stress or loneliness. Additionally, many people find that caring for a pet gives them a sense of purpose and responsibility, which can be beneficial for mental health.

Furthermore, humans have a natural inclination to form bonds with animals, as evidenced by our long history of domesticating animals for various purposes. This may be rooted in our evolutionary history as social beings who have relied on relationships with other animals, such as hunting partners and livestock, for survival.

Finally, pets can provide a sense of joy and pleasure simply through their presence and playful behavior. Many people find that interacting with their pets brings a sense of happiness and laughter to their lives, which can be invaluable for overall well-being.

What what are the scientific reasons behind just WHY you love your pets? John Bradshaw, a researcher from the U.K., has a few ideas and it may surprise you: Why do we love our pets?