Living Will

A Living Will is a legal document which is also known under the following terminology: a Power of Attorney for Personal Care, a Health Care Power of Attorney, or an Advance Directive. When you use our DIY order forms, you can specify the type of medical treatment you wish to receive in certain situations, and you can even appoint someone to make health-related decisions for you on your behalf.

Why Everyone Should Have a Living Will

A Living Will is different from a Last Will and Testament. A LW allows you to direct how you will be taken care of in the event that you become incapacitated (either due to illness or otherwise). For example, if you have a terminal illness and your condition declines, a LW provides your Proxy (the person you have appointed to make healthcare decisions on your behalf) with information about how you want to be taken care of. A Proxy can also be known under the following different designations: Agent, Delegate, Mandatory, or Attorney.

Our Living Will online order form makes it easy for you to create this vitally important legal document that can ensure you receive the type of healthcare you want in specific situations. Our Living Will online order form makes it easy to cover vital health issues.

What types of things are covered in a Living Will: 

  • A clause that revokes any previous Living Wills
  • The first and last name of a Proxy (as well as alternate proxies)
  • Your wishes regarding life support options, often referred to as “heroic measures”
  • Your wishes regarding organ donation
  • Details about the various powers your Proxy wields
  • Details about any potential liabilities
  • Restrictions on any powers that your Proxy has

Easy to Create and Legally Binding

You do not have to pay lawyer hundreds of dollars to create a legal Living Will. Instead, with our inexpensive Living Will online order form, you can create your own at your convenience.