Last Will and Testament, Generous Legacy

Read about the generous legacy left behind..

Teaching is not normally thought of as a lucrative position; in fact, it’s considered to a be a profession that people go into because they are “passionate” about teaching. It comes as a shock, then, when some professors and teachers leave behind a fortune – and a great legacy – to their students, their communities and themselves. 

There have been several cases of teachers who have become wealthy through various means, such as successful investments, inventions, or writing books. Here are a few examples:

  1. Robert W. Wilson – Wilson was a high school teacher in New York City who became a successful investor and philanthropist. He started investing in the stock market in the 1960s and became known for his value investing strategy. He ultimately became a billionaire and donated hundreds of millions of dollars to various charitable causes before his death in 2013.
  2. Jay Sivin-Kachala – Sivin-Kachala was a high school teacher in Texas who invented a computer program that allowed teachers to create and grade multiple-choice tests quickly and easily. He eventually sold the program to a testing company for millions of dollars and became a millionaire himself.
  3. Jaime Escalante – Escalante was a high school math teacher in Los Angeles who became famous for his success in teaching calculus to disadvantaged students. His story was depicted in the movie “Stand and Deliver.” Although he did not become wealthy himself, his success as a teacher and his impact on his students has inspired countless people.

Add to that list a man by the name Ted Danner. A late UBC professor. how much did he leave behind to the school and why did he do it? Read on below to find out what he bequeathed  to UBC in his Last Will and Testament.

These examples demonstrate that teachers can become wealthy through a variety of means, and that education and knowledge can be valuable assets in many different fields.