Elderly caregiver distraught over not inheriting family house

It can be a heartbreaking situation when an adult child takes care of their elderly parent, only to find out that they have been slighted by that elderly mom. In this case, an elderly caregiver, around the age of 60, is upset after learning that she won’t be inheriting her mother’s house. She is worried that she won’t be inheriting anything because her mother “doesn’t take initiative.”  After dedicating time, energy, and resources to ensuring their parent’s wellbeing, it can be difficult to come to terms with the fact that she feels slighted and used by her mother. 

The woman took a lower-paying job which allowed her the flexibility to take care of her mother, and she had very little time off. It’s no wonder that she is feeling left out. She is one of the invisible caregivers who spend a lot of time taking care of their parents. 

The elderly caregiver in question has a sister and a brother. The sister lives out of town and balked when the elderly mother wanted to leave behind her house to the daughter. The sister cited that it would be “unfair” to leave the house to the caregiver sister, who has spent over a decade taking care of her mother. 

While this may be difficult to accept, the decision is ultimately up to the mother in question. There is a good alternative, whereas the  caregiver in question could “suggest to   that she leave  a life estate where you remain in the house for the rest of your life, and then the house goes to your brother and sister, or your sister’s children.”

You can read about her situation here: 

“I’m so hurt! I might get nothing in my mom’s Will”