Have you looked into “free” Wills?

Have you looked into the process of creating your own Will yet? If so, you may have looked at the various options of creating your Will through online software. Have you looked into “free” vs paid Will software? Have you noticed a difference? A “free” Will website may offer you the chance to do a Will for free, but at what cost? The type of Wills created through “free” websites may be very basic and not offer enough flexibility and comprehensiveness for your Will. These types of Wills may not cover all of the situations you want covered in your Will. 

When going through websites which offer “free” Wills, they may try to have you subscribe to a monthly subscription to access a “free” Will, or have you fill out information on the basis that the Will is free, but block you from seeing the end result with a paywall (i.e. you are made to think that your Will is free because you can start typing right away, but it really is not). Additionally, how do you know that by going through a “free” Will website, that the finished product is good quality? You do not only want a free fill-in-the-blank Will template, but you  most likely want guidance while going through your Will (i.e. an explanation of what certain words mean, and instructions of what is supposed to happen once you complete your Will). 

If you do not want to go through a lawyer and need an inexpensive option, then why not try a paid option through Will software? With a paid software option, you are more likely to get a better quality Will, with the thought, time and effort that goes into creating a genuine product. Moreover, there is most likely a guide which shows you how to go through the questions and how to answer the questions. If you are creating a Will, and you decide to use a paid, rather than a “free” version, you may want to look out for the following: an online Will software which guides you through the process of creating a Will, explains the order of questions you need to follow to complete your Will, explains everything clearly, and explains what you need to do when you have completed your Will. The average person has a home, a spouse, children, a few bank accounts, a vehicle, investments, and valuable personal property. Therefore, writing a Will doesn’t have to be complicated through online will software, and you can create a Will suitable for where you live. Unless your situation is extremely complex, you can write your Will online. You may want to look at  FormalWill as a possible option to create your Will.