Family mystery over late mother’s Last Will and Testament

A pair of siblings were shocked to learn that they had been disinherited from their mother’s Last Will and Testament. Their mother, who passed away in July of 2022 did have a Last Will and Testament, but one that left the brother and sister reeling from shock and surprise: not only had they been disinherited, but the executor of their mother’s estate was someone whom neither of them had even met. The family was left in disarray. 

How did the role of the Executor of their mother’s estate land in the hands of Australian Redlands Mayor, KAREN Williams? That question has left the children, Freya and Nils, scratching their heads and trying to figure out what’s going on, and how this happened. 

Being disinherited from a will means that the pair have been excluded from receiving any of the assets or property specified in the will. This can be a difficult and emotional experience. Not only were the pair disinherited, and someone they don’t know has taken up the role of Executor, but the late 85-year-old’s estate, worth $500,000, has all been left to an organization called  called the Redlands Foundation. The Foundation is allegedly involved in philanthropic causes, and has a 12 member board, including, of course, Karen Williams. The siblings may have legal options available to them; they could argue in court that their mother’s will was not validly executed or that it was the result of fraud, duress, or undue influence. Angela, the woman who passed away was suffering from dementia. If you were a dependent of the person who made the will, they may also be able to make a claim against their estate for support.

It’s a truly bizarre case: was Angela manipulated by someone, influenced by something she saw on television? How close was she to her children to have never mentioned something AT ALL to her son and daughter? You can read more about the case, here.