Deceased mother’s lottery winnings tear family apart

Everyone wants to win the lottery. You’ve probably fantasized about what you would do if you have won the lottery: travel, pay off your debts, provide for your loved ones, etc. That last part is a particular sore point for the  Lloyd family. When you think of squabbles over money, you think of rich families and their greedy relatives, all trying to grab their piece of pie. You probably don’t think of family members fighting over lottery winnings. After all, winning the lottery is a joyous occasion (for most people). Frances Lloyd, mother of three, was elated when she won $3 million in the lottery. She promised to purchase a new home and give the money to her loved ones. 

Unfortunately, Lloyd passed away in January of 2022 without a Last Will and Testament. Right before her passing, she deposited her winnings in a joint account with her daughter, Lisa, to assist with with paying bills and purchases. $500,000 of that money was allegedly given to Lisa to help her and her husband with the purchase of a new home. Lloyd’s other two children, Stephen and Frances, are now suing their sibling for what they feel is their rightful share of the $3 million dollars. The suit is pending. You can read more here.