A brewing legal custody battle and a car raffle

26-year-old Gina Rutledge was a doting mother over her two children, Jude aged 7, and Javen aged 6. Her Last Will and Testament specified that in the event should anything happen to her, her mother should take custody of her two children. Sadly, she passed away from brain cancer in 2021. Another party had contested the Will, arguing that they should take custody of the late mother’s two children: Gina’s mother, Jes, believes that the other party would be unable to properly care for her grandchildren. Besides, they are HER grandchildren and should naturally go to the grandmother. Family friend Fiona McKenney, agrees. 

There wasn’t much of a description about the other party seeking custody of the two children, other than the fact that they’re not biologically-related to the children in anyway. It’s apparent that the children are not being fought over by the biological father’s family. Details on who is fighting for custody and is “trying to run up legal fees in court,” are scant. McKenny, one of the owners of J.M. Automotive, generously donated a organizing a raffle for the grandmother’s 1996 Ford Escort. This was done to help offset legal costs in court, should the matter be taken to court. Tickets for the raffle were $50 each. At this time, in 2023, the result of this raffle (and the possible ensuing court battle) are unknown. You can read more here.