President Biden has a new plan for inherited property

Owning a property is always nice; inheriting a property may be the only way the younger generation can own a house. In 2021, President Joe Biden proposed a new plan to help pay for the American Families Plan (worth $1.8 trillion). His proposal was going to impact families with more than $1 million in tax gains. (It doesn’t appear that lower income families have anything to worry about with this new proposal). The American Families Plan are investments for education, income support for lower income families, and tax breaks for lower income families. You can read more about the American Families Plan.

Some are against the law; suggesting the way things are done without the proposed new law in place, saves taxpayers $41 billion per year. That is from an organization called the Joint Committee on Taxation. Without the proposal in place,  people who inherit property may defer taxes until the property is sold. 

The price for homes in the U.S. is growing, and rapidly exceeding $1 million. Sales of home worth more than $1 million was particularly prominent between February 2020 to 2021. 

How does this plan by President Biden work? Read more below:  

President Joe Biden’s plan for inherited real estate