The Last Will and Testament of actress Dawn Wells

The loveable actress who played Mary Ann on the hit show, Gilligan’s Island, passed away in December of 2022, due to complications because of COVID-19. Wells was a much-beloved actress who appeared in the show as Mary Ann Summers. Wells had the foresight to create a Last Will and Testament. Much like other celebrities we’ve written about, she left a lot of items and assets from her estate to her family and loved ones. The Last Will allows her to dictate where her assets, items, charitable donations, etc., will go after their death. Good on Dawn for creating a Will. 

Curious to know what’s in her Last Will and Testament? You may be surprised to know that despite being a popular character on a hit television show, Dawn passed away with very few assets left in her name. This is surprising, because it is assumed that being on a hit television show like Gilligan’s Island, you would have assumed that she would have racked in millions. However, she believes that she was the lowest-paid cast member on the show, only earning about $700 a week. Taking into account for inflation, that would be around 5,000 as of 2023, according to this.  It still wouldn’t be enough to live on. If this account is true, then perhaps it’s not too surprising that she didn’t have much to leave behind. You can read about her Last Will and Testament here:

The Last Will and Testament of Dawn Wells