A taxi driver’s hefty inheritance

Need a quick pick-me-up? A taxi driver from Nova Scotia left behind a massive fortune to his community; an inheritance that will be cherished for decades! We hear stories like this from time to time; someone working an ordinary job (e.g. a janitor or a teacher) who ends up surprising everyone after their passing. There’s a similar story about a janitor who died with millions to his name. There was also the teacher who left behind a sizeable donation to the school she taught at. An astronomical sum of money is bequeathed for the benefit of the community. The biggest question is: how did these people manage to save up millions from these types of jobs? Frugality and saving up every penny is usually the way they did it, but at the same time, they passed on without properly enjoying the money. Many people want that type money in their prime: they want to be able to enjoy vacations, paying off debts, etc. Is it worth it to save a fortune, but not to be able to save it?  

On the flip side, the taxi driver (and the janitor referenced in the article above) left behind millions to their loved ones. At least the money wasn’t squandered. 

This story is no exception: a retired taxi driver by the name of John MacLellan, who worked as a taxi driver for 63 years until his retirement at the age of 83, left an entire community astonished when he entrusted his fortune to the St. Martha’s Regional Hospital in Nova Scotia. Located in Antigonish, St. Martha’s Regional Hospital is the only catholic hospital in the province. He passed away at 96 with a fortune in the bank. The inheritance will be put to good use. 

How did John leave behind a whopping $1.68 million to a hospital? Maybe some answers could be found here