Ashley and Wynnona Judd – their mother’s Will was forged

Naomi Judd was a famous American singer who passed away in 2022. She and her daughter, Wynonna, formed a very successful country band. Over time, Naomi battled with mental health issues and physical issues with hepatitis. Her daughter, Wynonna, enjoyed success both as a team with her mother and a solo artist after her mother was diagnosed with hepatitis. Ashley, Wynonna’s sister, has enjoyed success in her own right as a famous actress. She is also involved in humanitarian and global affairs. Both Ashley and Wynnona Judd  have a hefty combined net worth, given the success of their careers. 

Ashley and Wynnona Judd can more than manage their lives and finances on their own, but having a mother with multiple illnesses can no doubt be difficult. 

Naomi’s troubles came to end after the police found her with a self-inflicted gunshot wound in April of 2022. The sisters were both blind sighted by the fact that the pair were both seemingly disinherited from their mother’s Last Will and Testament. Instead, their deceased mother left behind her $25 million dollar fortune to her ex-husband, Larry Strickland. After the shock of this revelation wore off, the two hired a writing expert to analyze the writing in their mother’s Last Will and Testament. A handwriting expert by the name of Peggy Walla, (from Texas-based LPR Investigations) was brought in to analyze the deceased singer’s Last Will. Walla discovered that “The initials and signature are traced — they are not written by her. Usually when you are signing your name – the pen is already in motion when it starts to hit the paper and it gives it a feathered look where these are intentional ‘starts and stops.’” In other words, Walla is suggesting that Naomi’s 5-page Will was forged. If the Will was forged, what does Naomi’s ex-husband have to say about the matter? As of December 2022, there has been no conclusion to this issue as of yet. You can read more here