This dog lover left behind an inheritance. Where did it go?

Everyone loves dogs; some people even go as far as calling themselves “dog moms” or “fur moms,” and lavish their pets with treats, love and even bank accounts worth thousands. It’s a little jarring that you can open up Instagram and find dogs with millions of subscribers, who racking up millions for their owners. 

Dogs can make wonderful companions and bring joy and love into our lives. There are many breeds of dogs, each with their own unique characteristics and personality traits. Some people prefer smaller dogs, while others prefer larger breeds. Some dogs are more energetic and require more exercise and playtime, while others are more laid back and enjoy relaxing at home. This is where the story of Pamela Mobbs comes in. Dogs serve multiple purposes: companionship, hunting, guarding, etc. 

When dog lovers pass on, they usually leave behind thousands to charities for animal rescues and the like. Rich women carry small dogs in their bags; look at celebrities like Mariah Carey and Paris Hilton parading around with their small balls of fur wrapped up in their bags. 

Mobbs was a 90 year-old dog lover who passed away and left behind a sizeable amount ($32k) for the care and maintenance of police dogs in Florida. What are these dogs getting? Click here to find out!