Canadian Legal Will

Peace of Mind

Some of the most common reasons for putting off making a Canadian Legal Will are:

1) It’s too complex – The legal complexities surrounding making a Legal Will make creating your own Will a daunting task, so you no doubt put off doing it.

2) The cost – Lawyer’s fees can cost upwards of up to hundreds of dollars, and while you would like to make your own Will by yourself, you feel hindered by the legal complexities.

3) Death – Death is something that no one ever likes to think about. Yet, people avoid thinking about the consequences of dying without a Will.

4) Procrastination – It’s on your to-do-list. A Will is something that you know you must at some point complete. However, given all the above listed reasons, its something that you’ve put off.

If you die without a valid Will, your provincial law specifies who will be entitled to a share of your estate. In addition, the courts may appoint someone else who will supervise the distribution of your property, someone not of your own choosing. What is worse is the fact that without a Will, you are not specifying who you would like to appoint as the guardian of your minor children.

Plan ahead, do some research, and give yourself peace of mind by doing your own Will.