Top 6 Reasons to Make Your Will Online

Contrary to popular belief, creating an online Will yourself is easy, fast, affordable, and completely legal.

Canadian Wills made with legitimate, federally-incorporated Canadian corporations such as are 100% valid and legal. You can do your Will by yourself, without hiring a lawyer.

But if you still need some motivation to create your own Canadian Will online, here are 6 reasons to start today:

1.It’s easier than going to an attorney. Getting Will package prices from attorneys, scheduling appointments, preparing numerous documents, and meeting in person with a lawyer creates a complicated web of to-do lists. It can make the process of creating a Last Will feel daunting. Going online at your convenience and drawing up your own Legal Will in just minutes is simpler and faster, meaning you’ll be much more likely to follow through.

2. Online Wills are 100% legal and valid. Wills online in Canada are just as valid as lawyer-created documents.

3. Need to make updates or changes? It’s easy online. If you create a Canadian Will through a lawyer, you generally need to have it updated it through the same lawyer you created the Will through. For example, if you want to include additional beneficiaries, or if you’ve decided to change the Executor of your Will, all of these changes may take a long time to adjust with a lawyer. A Canadian Will, however, can be adjusted simply by going online and making the necessary changes.

4. The price is right. A Will Canada you can create through is less expensive than going through a lawyer.

5. You’ll get a chance to review your finances and make important choices about how you use your money. It’s not often that people go through a complete comb-through of their finances. Often, Canadians who go through FormalWill are astounded at how informative the process is. Not only do you get to learn first-hand how about Wills are created, but you also have a chance to see a complete snapshot of your  assets and consider how best to use the money you’ve earned throughout your life.

6. Your family will be protected. Finally, and most importantly, creating your Will as soon as possible online solidifies the financial protection of your loved ones. By creating a Will, you’re ensuring that your assets go to those you care most about in this world.

Start Your Online Will Today With

Creating a Will online in Canada with results in a valid document that will be legally recognized in the event of your death. The process is fast and easy. The cost is affordable. And the benefits are huge — this is the fate of your family and loved ones we’re talking about.

So, start your own online Will today with Go here to learn more about the process, or here to start creating your free account now.