Married for 12 days. Get $10 million dollars.

Jon Peters is a movie producer who has worked on high-profile movies like Tim Burton’s Batman. He met Pamela Anderson in the early 90’s and was apparently so smitten with the blonde bombshell, that they were started a relationship right away and were married soon after (that was quick, because they began courting after they met during the course of one day). They were married for a total of 12 days, and according to Peters, Anderson broke his heart after the marriage was dissolved. He claimed that he lavished his wife “with cars and clothes and all things sparkly.” Peters also claimed that he paid off his newly-married wife’s debt (all $200,000 of it)! Peters  claimed that Pamela initiated the marriage and divorced her husband soon after. Surprisingly, he is not very bitter, today, about how the relationship ended. Time really does heal all wounds. 

Pamela Anderson, for her part, refutes Peters’ claims that he paid off her debts or even that they were married at all. It’s a confusing scenario, but according to Peters, he recently announced leaving behind $10 million dollars for her in his Last Will “whether she needs it or not.” That’s true love. Anderson must have left quite an impression on her ex. You can read more here.