Marie Osmond on her inheritance: is this surprising?

There are celebrities out there who aren’t leaving anything to their children when they die. From actors to other celebrities, many are opting to leave everything to various charities when they pass away. Celebrity Marie Osmond is no different; with seven children (all of whom no doubt have great connections and resources to draw from), Osmond is ensuring that her wealth goes to charity and that her children all rely on themselves to make their own money (they should have no problem doing that). In an article, Osmond states: “Honestly, why would you enable your child to not try to be something? I don’t know anybody who becomes anything if they’re just handed money.” We have seen this in the past when a 41-year-old man unsuccessfully sued his mother for an early inheritance.

Excessive wealth can breed laziness, if the inheritance is the only thing a person relies upon. We have seen people in court squabble over getting inheritances and money. Money can also open doors and connect people to others with vast resources. If used correctly, leaving an inheritance behind can also garner opportunities. Osmond’s fortune is roughly around $20 million dollars. She hasn’t specifically indicated as to which charities will be getting her fortune, but there are a plethora of charities to choose from. Best of luck to Marie and her children, who will no doubt do just fine, with or without her money.