Making Your Will Doesn’t Have to Be Scary: Start Yours Today

It’s easy to see why many Canadians avoid completing their a legal Will. The thought of dying and leaving your family and loved ones behind is not a pleasant one. Many  people are sometimes confused about the process of creating a Will and how to go about it. We’ve outlined the top 5 excuses people use to avoid creating their Legal Wills.

Halloween may be over but the spookiness of the season sure isn’t! The ghouls, ghosts, and demons of the season should remind us that no one can cheat immortality. Having a Will filled out and complete is an important part of having a strong financial portfolio. It’s also crucial for ensuring the financial protection of your family.

So, to put your fears to rest, we’ve outlined the top reasons people avoid making their own formal Wills — and why these excuses shouldn’t be issues for anyone.

Excuse #1 –  Legal Wills are expensive to create.

Actually, they aren’t. In Canada,  Will prices are exceptionally reasonable, and the process is quick and easy. You can complete a full Will online.

Excuse #2 – Legal Wills aren’t always necessary.

They are if you want to dictate where your money and estate will go. If you do not have a Will in place, your family and loved ones may have no control over who will inherit your money and other assets.

Excuse #3 – Legal Wills – I’ll just do it later.

It’s a sad reality, but death can occur at any time. It’s better to be safe and protect your loved ones now, rather than to wait and risk their financial futures.

Excuse #4 – An online Will won’t produce a real Legal Will.

Canadian residents can create online Wills through These documents are legitimate, legal, and valid in the eyes of the government – once they are properly filled out, witnessed, etc.

Excuse #5 – I don’t want to think about dying.

It is depressing to think about dying. However, it is an inevitable part of life that we all must learn to accept. By creating a Will, you’re doing one of the most thoughtful and caring things you could possibly do for your family and loved ones.

Create a Legal Will Today

When it comes to creating a legal Will, using a Canadian legal Will is the way to go.

FormalWill allows for a streamlined Will-creation process — you can a create Will online in just minutes.

To learn more about our legal Will at, head to our Knowledge Centre and start your legal Will today.