What is a Legal Will kit?

Have you thought about doing your Will through a Legal Will kit? If so, what option are you thinking of using? You can use an online “free” Will template, but are you sure you’re getting the best quality using a “free” Will software? Does it provide all of the information you need to know on how to create a Will, or make it valid in your area once you have completed it? Is a “free” Will even free? There are many “free” Will templates out there that are not actually free; in some cases, once you start entering your information into a “free” online Will template, you reach a paywall before your Will can be generated.   Additionally, if you use a “free” Will template, do you know that your email or information will be safe?

An alternative to using a “free Will” could be a Legal Will kit you could pick up in a store, but you would have to be careful when looking at that option as well. Does a Will kit that comes with a CD-rom or a book have all of the necessary updates and kept current? A Will kit that comes with a CD-rom is obsolete technology, and may not be updated the way online Will software is. In addition, when you purchase a product that you insert (i.e. a Will CD-Rom) or a Will template that you have to download, you don’t know if that product is compatible with your operating system. You may be purchasing something that is completely incompatible with your operating system.

If you wanted to create a Will that is more than likely to be kept up to date and easy to create, why not consider creating a Legal Will online, rather than a Legal Will kit you purchase from a store? Will software online is much easier to keep updated, and there is no downloading, or insertion of CD-roms into your computer. You are also able to easily print off your Will right away. If you create your Will using an online account, that can secure any information you input easier. You may also want to choose an option to create a Will, where the software has been created by individuals who are knowledgeable in the area of law. That way, you know for certain that you are getting good quality. Generally, you may want a type of software which looks after your needs, has a comprehensive online Will form to answer questions, and explains legal terminology, has you answer questions in a specific order, generates your document for you, and shows you what to do once you have created your Will. You may want to shop for options online before deciding which software to go with. FormalWill is one such option you may want to investigate.