Ivana Trump: Her whopping fortune is going…where?

It looks like Ivana Trump REALLY didn’t like her ex-husband, Donald Trump. 

Trump, after all, gets nothing in his ex-wife’s Last Will and isn’t entitled to any of the $34 million fortune that was left behind. The 73-year-old, who passed away in July of 2022, was a rags-from-riches story. Hailing from Czechoslovakia, she definitely didn’t come from wealth. That all changed when she moved to Canada. She (as did many others) was able to scrape out of poverty by hitting it big in the West. She became known as a model and had a reputation as a talented skier. After she met Donald Trump, she began working for his organization, putting in several hours of overtime work as an interior designer. She was personally involved in the interior design of her husband’s Trump Tower in New York City. 

After the divorce to the famous real estate and business mogul, Ivana walked away with a whopping $14 million dollars from the marriage in the early 1990’s. This was in addition to the other perks: $650,000 a year in alimony, child support to raise their three children, and  a mansion in Connecticut and an apartment on the Upper East Side, New York. Ivana Trump definitely didn’t wind up destitute and walked away a winner.  

In her Last Will and Testament, Ivana directed her $34 million-dollar fortune to go to her friends, family (her children) and even her old nanny (who acquired $1 million-dollars from the Will). Her clothing (fancy furs and expensive dresses) were all bequeathed to the Salvation Army. Ivana Trump’s  Upper East Condo, her property in France, and her other property in Czechoslovakia, are all bequeathed to her children. 

A real rags-to-riches story!