How a rifle gifted in a Last Will lead to a mass shooting.

The Nova Scotia shooter incident that occurred in April 2020 shocked the nation and left many in mourning. The shooter was gifted the rifle used to attack people. The tragic event claimed the lives of 22 people, including a police officer, and left a deep scar on the community.

It has since come to light that the shooter was gifted a rifle in the months leading up to the massacre. This news has raised questions about the ethics of gifting firearms, and the responsibility that comes with owning a gun.

Many people believe that gifting firearms is not only irresponsible but also dangerous. Guns are deadly weapons that require proper training, storage, and handling. When a gun is gifted to someone who may not have the proper training or knowledge, it can lead to tragic consequences, as was the case with the Nova Scotia shooter.

The shooter reportedly received the rifle as a gift from a friend in the United States. It is unclear whether the gift was legal or not, but it has highlighted the issue of gun control and the need for stricter regulations.

Gabriel Wortman is the the infamous Nova Scotia shooter who murdered 22 people in April of 2020. The rifle he used for the shooting spree was gifted to him by his equally troubled friend, Tom Evans. You can read more about this here: To my dear friend, Gabriel Wortman….