Understanding Your Will – DIY Wills

Creating a Will is not as complicated as many people believe it to be; a Will is simply a legal document. It specifies the distribution of your property once you are deceased. It is for this reason that this document is crucial to have. It ensures your loved ones are protected and provides you with peace of mind.

Distribution of Property in Wills 

Your appointed legal representative (an Executor) carries out the process of following your wishes and adhering to the instructions in your Last Will. In the event a Will is nonexistent after your death, long court proceedings and legal fees for lawyers may take place. This is to certify that your possessions are distributed correctly. This can place a great deal of stress on your loved ones, both financially and emotionally. For instance, if you are not married but live in a common-law relationship, your partner may not receive any of your estate when you pass away without a Last Will. Instead, the Executor of your estate and assets may be dictated by the courts. FormalWill.ca provides you with a quick and easy online Will kit to avoid such issues.

Benefits of a Will 

Wills also allow you to specify a guardian for your children, set aside care funds for your children, dictate the age a minor child is eligible to start receiving income from a trust, donate funds to charity, etc. With all this taken care of and previously arranged through your Will, you can about your days stress-free, knowing that your family will be cared for and your assets will be disbursed as instructed.

Obtaining a Will 

Creating a Will can be a costly, inconvenient and time-consuming process. However, it does not have to be. Do-it-yourself Will kits reduce your costs and allow you to work around your schedule. DIY online Will kits are fast, efficient and legally binding. The process is simple and straightforward and in just seconds, you can create your free account and your legally-binding Will. Print your DIY Will and sign it along with your witnesses, initialize in the appropriate areas of the document and make sure that it is stored safely. A deposit box or a fireproof safe would work fine. Just like a Will created by a lawyer, a Will created with us consists of all of the necessary and essential sections required to make your Will a binding legal document that ensures all of your wishes are met.