Robert Read, a former (deceased) janitor from Brattleboro, Vermont, had a keen eye for picking out stocks. Known outwardly as a frugal and unassuming penny pincher, the local residents of Battleboro were shocked when news of his $8 million dollar fortune came to light. Indeed, his most expensive purchase was $5,000 for a Toyota, and he often wore the same worn-out clothing.

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If you’ve ever thought about estate planning and about the value of the assets you hold dear, you may want to read the following article on a millionaire with no dependents. Not only does this particular millionaire have no dependents, he left behind no Will in the wake of his death.

No doubt there will be thousands of “relatives” from around the globe, clamoring for his fortune.

Where will his assets go? Read on to find out: The Millionaire with no Will.

Remember the Rich Kids of Instagram controversy? Just as the name implies, the children of the rich and famous ruffled a few feathers a few years back when they posted photos of their lavish lifestyle all over the social media site.

English musician, Sting, however, is ensuring that his kids develop a healthy work ethic. He opened up in a candid interview about his plans for his children in the article below:

Sting’s “Trust Fund”

Following along in Sting’s footsteps is the late Philip Seymour Hoffman; read about what was left in his Will for his children in the following article:  Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Estate.