Learn about Succession Planning from…Archie Comics?!

Succession planning isn’t something you expect to learn about from Archie comic books. 

The brainchild of John L. Goldwater and Louis H. Silberkleit, the red-haired miscreant known as Archie Andrews has entertained children (and some adults) for over 50 years. The popular comic book was eventually run akin to a family business, as both Goldwater and Silberkleit were succeed by their two sons, Richard Goldwater and Michael Silberkleit. Richard and Michael were, in turn, succeeded by Richard’s half-brother, Jonathan, and Michael’s role was likewise succeeded by his widow, Nancy Silberkleit. Jonathan and Nancy both signed on to become co-executives of Archie comics, a pact which was supposed to end in 2013.

Unlike their predecessors, Goldwater and Silberkleit soon began to butt heads over their vision on which direction the company should go. Instead of presenting a united front, the relationship between the pair deteriorated to shouting matches behind closed doors, butting heads over content, and each accusing the other of “poisoning the work environment.”

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