Andrew Tate’s Last Will?

A Last Will and Testament is important for ensuring your assets and estate are passed on to the right people. We’ve written about this several times. Even prisoners should have a Last Will and Testament. Guilty or not, everyone needs one. Andrew Tate is no different. 

The controversial social media influencer, Andrew Tate, is currently awaiting pending charges for alleged human trafficking, tax evasion, and more, in Romania. The 36-year-old was arrested in December along with his brother, Tristian, as the authorities seized his estate and his assets.

The ex-kickboxer has gone viral for his rants on acquiring money, women and society. He has also operated “Hustler’s University,” which is an online platform to allegedly teach men on how to make money. That platform has also come under scrutiny as well, as there have been many allegations of the university fleecing people out of his money. Given the charges against Tate, and the descriptive rants he’s made on social media, he has a long road ahead for his freedom. 

 Neither Andrew nor Tristian have access to social media, but someone has been updating his Twitter page with his thoughts. One of his tweets on his Last Will may catch your interest. You can read the tweet here.