A mystery fortune made the New Year for 6 lucky cousins

Six cousins got an unexpected New Year’s gift this year when they found out about a recently deceased aunt (whom they didn’t know about) who died and left behind a small fortune. They are legally entitled to the 400,000 pounds left behind by an 80 year-old senior who recently passed away.

In some ways, this is the equivalent of getting a lucky break from a dead uncle that you didn’t even know about: it’s not clear if the cousins were living in destitution before learning about the windfall, but an estate worth 400,000 pounds is a nice gift for six cousins (particularly in this day and age). In a strange twist, it was Jacqueline, not the cousins who lived a solitary life. In fact, despite her riches, she passed away alone, and appeared to live in a in a dilapidated home. Why would a woman with an estate worth so much be living in a place like that, without none of her family and friends around? One of the cousins, Ashley Davidson,  told the Daily Telegraph that “he had not seen his cousin for more than 50 years.” Jacqueline was an only child and after her mother remarried, she had lost touch with Ashley and the other relatives. 

You can read more about Jacqueline and her fortune here.