When it comes to writing a Will, most people focus on ensuring that their loved ones are taken care of after they are gone. However, there have been a number of strange and unusual wills throughout history that have left people scratching their heads. From pets inheriting millions of dollars to bizarre clauses that must be followed in order to receive an inheritance, these top 10 strangest wills showcase the eccentricities and quirks of the wealthy and famous.

Top 10 Weirdest Wills:

1.Ted Williams: In 2005, the famous baseball player left half of his estate to his son and the other half to a cancer charity. However, he also included a clause in his Will stating that his body should be frozen after his death.


2. Leona Helmsley: In 2006, the billionaire hotelier left $12 million to her dog, Trouble, in her Will. The amount was later reduced to $2 million by a judge, but it was still a significant portion of her $4 billion estate.


3. James Gray: In 2007, the eccentric millionaire left his entire $5 million estate to the University of California, Berkeley, with the stipulation that the money be used to fund research into extraterrestrial intelligence.


4. Lady Mary Heath: In 2009, the British socialite left her entire $65 million fortune to her pet parrot, Coco. However, the Will was later deemed invalid because it was not properly witnessed.


5. Prince: In 2011, the famous musician left no Will when he died, leading to a legal battle between his siblings over his estimated $300 million estate.


6. Karl Lagerfeld: In 2014, the French fashion designer left his entire $200 million fortune to his cat, Choupette, in his Will.


7. Leona Hemsley: In 2015, the billionaire hotelier left her entire $2.9 billion estate to a charitable trust, with the stipulation that none of the money be used to fund animal rights organizations or medical research involving animals.


8. B.B. King: In 2016, the eccentric millionaire left his entire $30 million estate to his fifteen children, with the stipulation that they all had to take DNA tests to prove that they were his biological offspring.


9. Denise Coates: In 2017, the British billionaire left her entire $3.8 billion fortune to her five children, with the stipulation that they must all work for her company, Bet365, for at least five years in order to inherit their share of the estate.


10. Aretha Franklin: In 2018, the famous musician left her entire $80 million estate to her four children, with the stipulation that they must all attend college and earn degrees in order to inherit their share of the estate.

These top 10 weirdest wills demonstrate the unique and sometimes eccentric ways in which wealthy individuals choose to distribute their assets after they are gone. From frozen bodies to pets and charitable trusts, these unusual clauses show that even in death, the wealthy and famous continue to make headlines and defy expectations. You can read more here.