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Would you like to get a bit of legal advice for your Will, Power of Attorney or Living Will? The FormalWill Lawyer Network allows you to do just that. Get legal advice from a licensed lawyer in your province/territory who can answer your questions/concerns, provide you advice, and meet with you to sign and witness your document. You also receive some bonus items as part of this package as detailed in our FAQ page – All for one low fixed price. If the Lawyer Network is available in your province/territory, you will see this option to purchase at checkout. The pricing options available to you at Checkout are as follows:
  • $249 for a review of your Last Will and Testament
  • $149 for a review of your Power of Attorney
  • $149 for a review of your Living Will
Why Us?
  • System developed in consultation with Canadian lawyers
  • User-friendly online service
  • Save legal fees
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Your document is instantly created online and a back-up copy emailed to you